Fat Dissolving Injections with Dr. Aaron Stanes

Fat dissolving is a non-invasive method for reducing areas of excess fat. A fluid containing chemicals that degrade fat cells is injected as part of the treatment (akin to darts popping a balloon). The body subsequently eliminates these broken-down fat cells over a period of 6-8 weeks.

Target Areas for Fat-Dissolving Injections

Numerous parts of the body can be treated using fat-dissolving injections, such as:

Larger areas of stubborn fat are more effectively treated with fat freezing or liposuction than with injections of large quantities of fat-dissolving fluid, which can cause substantial swelling.

Once broken down, fat cells cannot return. Nonetheless, if you gain weight in the future, the leftover fat cells can expand. Due to the tiny number of fat cells, the volume of fat you accumulate is generally less than if you had not received fat-dissolving treatment.

Risks Associated with Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat dissolving is highly safe. The risks are:

  • Bruising;
  • Swelling (usually moderate for most people);
  • Induration (firmness under the skin);
  • Temporary loss of feeling in the skin;
  • Infection;
  • Skin breakdown;
  • Temporary paralysis of the lower lip that lasts on average 28 days;

When conducted properly, fat dissolution should cause minimal discomfort.

Fat dissolving is an effective method for eliminating excess fat. However, a single treatment cannot eliminate all fat cells. If you desire more noticeable results, you may require additional treatments. Liposuction is more appropriate for those who desire a substantial alteration in a single surgery and are willing to tolerate the higher expense, recovery time, and risk involved.

It is essential that not all fat is eliminated from the relevant region. This will lead to a lack of support for the skin, which may result in an undesirable appearance as the skin loses collagen and suppleness with age.

Lastly, there are instances in which persons who have had fat dissolving (especially to the double chin) have not noticed a significant difference. While this is a possibility, the majority of such patients had little fat in this region, to begin with. Under chin fullness is not always caused by excess fat; therefore, you must be evaluated by an experienced cosmetic doctor to establish if the treatment is appropriate.

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