Dr. Aaron Stanes on the sharp rise in demand for penis fillers

Dr. Aaron was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph about the rapidly growing number of men who want to inject fillers into their penises to make them bigger.

Dr. Aaron Stanes discusses the dramatic increase in demand for penis fillers

Women first injected filler into their cheeks, then butt-lifts inspired by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and now guys are increasingly seeking surgical treatments to increase the size of their penis.

Doctors have compared the spike in males seeking to modify, lengthen, and expand the size of their appendages to the boom in breast enlargements in the later half of the twentieth century, which was previously considered taboo.

Dr. Aaron Stanes, a leading cosmetic practitioner, said he was now seeing five to ten guys each week who wanted to learn more about injectables, which cost around $7000.

Men of various ages, he added, were coming forwards, including some in their 60s who wanted a more subtle augmentation, whilst younger men were all about pure size.

Other cosmetic procedures now accessible to males include jawline enhancement filler treatments to give the face a more manly appearance, with packages starting at $998 at Body Sculpting Clinics.

While Botox, or “brotox”, has allegedly doubled in popularity among men in recent years, more serious operations such as gynaecomastia, or the excision of man boobs, have also been claimed to be popular.

Dr David Caminer, a Sydney surgeon, said he now sees at least one man a week who is concerned about their penis — but he prefers to surgically lengthen and expand the penis rather than injecting filler because surgery is a permanent remedy.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s most recent comprehensive evaluation of cosmetic surgery in 2018, 202,000 treatments were performed on both men and women in a single year. It discovered that 2065 males had their man boobs removed.

Journalist – Chris Harris, for The Daily Telegraph.

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