Having a Penis Enlargement in Australia? Everything you need to know.


A non surgical penis enlargement is a procedure in which dermal fillers are injected to primarily increase the penis shaft’s thickness. It has been conducted over the past two decades and is gaining in popularity, awareness, and acceptability.

In his penis enlargement clinics in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, Australia, Dr. Aaron Stanes offers a non surgical penis enlargement treatment. It is a walk-in, walk-out procedure in which dermal filler is injected into the shaft and head of the penis to augment its size.

There are other names for the penis enlargement, including:

  • penis fillers;
  • penile thickening;
  • penile enhancement;
  • non surgical phalloplasty;
  • male enlargement injections.

Some clinics have created “trademark” names for the penis enlargement procedure. These treatments are administered in the same manner as any other dermal filler penis enlargement procedure.

What are the benefits of a non-surgical penile enlargement with fillers?

Dermal fillers injected into the penis can achieve the following:

  • increase flaccid girth;
  • increase erect girth;
  • increase flaccid length;
  • reduce shrinkage;
  • increase the size of the glans (penis head);
  • reduce sensitivity of the glans;
  • improve the appearance of penile shaft curvatures;
  • improve the appearance of Peyronie’s.

How much filler will I require to enlarge my penis?

The enlargement of your penis will depend on two factors:

  1. The size of your penis prior to treatment;
  2. The quantity of dermal filler administered.

When smaller amounts of dermal filler are injected into the penis, it is easier to get a smooth outcome. Men who desire a more pronounced increase in penis size typically undergo many sessions of enlargement.

The amount of filler required for your treatment will depend on the desired increase in size. In general, the majority of men are satisfied with 12-15mls of filler in the shaft and 3-6mls in the head. Nevertheless, this can vary. Men with naturally larger penises will require greater volumes, whereas men with naturally smaller penises will require fewer. If you desire a larger increase in size after the area has healed, you can simply inject more filler during a second operation. Too much filler injected in a single session increases the likelihood of lump formation.

“More prominent outcomes will require more filler. Spacing out larger treatments over multiple sessions can aid in achieving superior results.”

What are the risks associated with dermal filler phalloplasty?

While the treatment has a very low risk, there are some rare side effects. Attending a clinic with a doctor with experience in penis enlargement treatments is the best approach to reduce the risk associated with the procedure. Among the risks of penis, fillers are:

  • filler aggregation: also referred to as lumps and asymmetries. These are simple to correct if a reversible filler such as hyaluronic acid was used to enlarge your penis;
  • infection: this is uncommon, but aggressive treatment is required. This risk will be considerably reduced if the treatment is performed sterilely and if you take antibiotics afterwards (you will be given a prescription for the antibiotics);
  • inflammatory reactions: any time a foreign substance is introduced into the body, there is a danger that the body will respond to the substance. Because the most frequent filler used to enlarge the penis is highly biocompatible, this condition is extremely uncommon. If it does occur, you may have discomfort, inflammation, and regions of rigid skin. In this instance, the filler must be eliminated using dissolving injections (if a dissolvable filler has been used).

Which fillers are used to enlarge the penis?

There are several treatments available for enlarging the penis with filler. To improve penis size, Dr. Stanes prefers to utilise a reversible filler known as HA. This is due to the fact that side effects are easier to cure if they occur.

  • gel filler: this option is transient and reversible. On average, the effects of gel filler endure between two and five years, but new information based on MRI scans indicates that it may stay longer.
  • collagen stimulating fillers: these are non-reversible temporary fillers that last from one to five years. They stimulate the formation of collagen, resulting in greater increases in size for the same volume of gel filler. However, the collagen created will make future treatments more difficult, as the cannula will not be able to pass through the penile tissue as easily. Since it is irreversible, problems are also a greater concern;
  • permanent fillers: these fillers yield the longest-lasting results, although complications may necessitate surgical intervention. These are hardly used.
  • fat grafting: this includes injecting fat extracted from other areas of the body by liposuction. To undertake this procedure, you must be a candidate for liposuction, and not all of the grafted fat may survive. Additionally, the fat may not survive uniformly, necessitating extra treatments.

“As it is predictable and reversible, HA filler remains the most popular and favoured solution among patients and penis enlargement doctors.”

How is the penis enlargement procedure carried out?

When performed at a specialised penile enlargement facility, increasing the penis’s size and thickness is a rather uncomplicated process.

The following procedures are involved in a consultation for penile fillers:

  • There will be a penis enlargement consultation to determine your suitability and answer your queries;
  • If appropriate, the treatment can proceed;
  • The penis will be cleaned before being numbered with tiny injections. Anaesthesia cream is inadequate for this surgery. Injections of anaesthetics render the therapy virtually painless;
  • The penis will be thoroughly cleaned once more;
  • The penis shaft will be injected with dermal filler using a blunt-tipped cannula, injecting the filler into the fatty layer. The cannula is inserted into this layer by creating a small pilot hole with a needle;
  • A tiny needle can be used to inject the glans (head) to enlarge its size, improve its form, and decrease its sensitivity;
  • Again, the penis will be thoroughly cleaned and a dressing will be applied;
  • Antibiotics will be prescribed to limit the chance of infection. Additionally, aftercare instructions will include a self-administered massage to guarantee a uniform and smooth result.

The effects of your penis enlargement will be visible immediately. The next day, swelling may enhance the appearance of the outcome. It is essential to allow 2-4 weeks for the injections to heal completely.

How do I care for my penis after a filler-based phalloplasty?

After receiving penile thickening injections, it is really simple to maintain your new package.

The following are the most critical guidelines to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome and reduce the risk of complications:

  1. Follow the massage regimen that will be provided to you at your visit;
  2. Take your recommended post-treatment medication;
  3. Avoid sexual activity for a minimum of 7-10 days following therapy;

By adhering to the post-augmentation aftercare instructions, the risk of infection, filler migration, and filler aggregation will be reduced.

“Following the post-enlargement aftercare instructions will reduce the risk of infection, filler migration, and filler aggregation.”

What can I do to improve the outcome of a phalloplasty with fillers?

It is vital that you follow the post-treatment aftercare instructions after having dermal fillers injected into your penis. Following all post-treatment instructions will minimise the risk of side effects and offer you the best chance of a positive outcome. Following your penile enlargement injections, you should do the following, unless your penis enlargement doctor tells you otherwise:

  • maintain the cleanliness of the region
  • For at least 10 days, refrain from sexual activity.
  • Massage the area three times per day for five days to ensure that the filler is uniformly spread along the shaft.
  • Take the medication as instructed by your treating penis enlargement doctor. This usually entails taking antibiotics for a few days.

How long will penis filler last?

The durability of your penis enlargement depends on the dermal filler used and your specific biological parameters. Gel filler, the most common penis-enlargement filler, lasts 2-5 years and wears off gradually.

On occasion, the outcomes may continue for a shorter period, however maintenance treatments may aid to extend their duration. MRI scans of locations injected with filler reveal that fillers persist much longer than previously believed, according to new research (in some cases beyond ten years). These are studies of fillers injected into the face; however, the same principles can be used for fillers injected into the penis. Importantly, neither you nor your penis enlargement doctor can increase the longevity of fillers.

How frequently do I need to maintain my non-surgical penis enlargement results?

This will depend on how much filler was inserted during your penis enlargement treatment, and how much time has passed since your last appointment. There is no rule regarding the frequency of maintenance treatment visits. Instead, you should return if you decide you want a more dramatic effect.

If you have maintenance treatments more regularly, you will require fewer treatments each visit than if you space them out over longer intervals. The majority of men who have received hyaluronic acid-based therapies for penile augmentation receive maintenance treatments every two to four years.

What is the cost of phalloplasty in Australia?

The price of your injectable penis enlargement will vary depending on the amount and type of filler used. In general, the initial price for gel filler penis enlargements without surgery is $4,500, and the average cost to augment the shaft is approximately $7,500. The average cost of head or glans augmentation is between $2700 and $3600.

“One of the most successful treatments currently accessible for guys seeking to improve how they measure up is enlarging the penis non-surgically with fillers.”

About Dr. Aaron Stanes
Australia-based penis enlargement doctor with clinics in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Dr. Aaron Stanes is an Australian-trained doctor who has received cosmetic medicine training around the world. He is a medical advisor for Teoxane, the company that provides the gel filler most widely used to enlarge the penis in Australia, and has a particular interest in non-surgical penis enlargement with fillers. Dr. Stanes provides men in Australia with evidence-based penis enlargement treatments at his clinics in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. He was taught to augment the penis with fillers by an Australian-based phalloplasty surgeon. He is noted for his impartial and reassuring demeanour, as well as for providing straightforward counsel and direction that enables you to make an informed decision regarding your treatment. Dr. Stanes consistently places the needs of his patients first.

If you’re interested in learning more about non-surgical penis enlargements, you can contact Dr. Stanes directly here, or read more online here.

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