Lip filler injections are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments around the world. They are a simple treatment, that can be completely personalised to suit your preferences. When done properly, lip fillers will not look fake.

Lip filler injections can help to improve the shape, size and definition of your lips, and improve facial balance and the side profile.

Attractive lips suit both males and females, and have the following characteristics:

  1. ideal top lip to bottom lip ratio for your face;
  2. appropriate vertical height of the upper lip;
  3. balanced width of the lips;
  4. ideal projection on the side profile view, with the top lip sitting slightly in front of the bottom lip;
  5. harmonious proportion with the entire face.

When performed correctly, lip fillers should have only slight swelling and minimal discomfort, even without topical numbing cream.

What are lip fillers?

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Best lip fillers in Sydney

Having well balanced lips can help you look younger, fresher, and give you more confidence. With the loss of lip volume over time, your lips become thin. Fortunately, having lip injections with fillers in Sydney with Dr. Aaron is the answer. Using only the highest quality dermal fillers that have TGA approval for his lip augmentation procedures, you can ensure that you are in safe hands.

Should I get lip fillers?

If you are unhappy with the shape, size or texture of your lips, then lip filler injections in Sydney with Dr. Aaron can give you your ideal lips that match how you feel you deserve to look. Lip injections work by adding volume with a biocompatible gel that naturally holds water, meaning fuller and more hydrated lips are within reach. With lip fillers, you can say goodbye to the small, dry and unbalanced lips that have been bothering you. Lip fillers are temporary and can be reversed, so if it’s not for you, then there’s no need to worry!

How are lip fillers performed?

Prior to having your lip augmentation, you will have a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Aaron Stanes, where your concerns will be discussed, your goals will be established, and your bespoke treatment plan formulated. Dr. Aaron will take the time to understand how you want your lips to look, and then guide you on how, using dermal fillers, that look can be achieved. Your lip injections will take 15-20 minutes. It is important to never rush a lip augmentation procedure, as it must be done with care to ensure you get the perfect pout that compliments your smile. There may be some mild swelling or the occasional bruise, but once healed, lip fillers can give you a natural-looking enhancement that boosts your confidence.Dr. Aaron only uses the best lip fillers available on the market. They are designed to give you a result that looks good straight away, and a result that lasts.

The benefits of lip fillers

When done well, lip fillers can rejuvenate your appearance. As the softest and most delicate feature of the face, special care is required when enhancing the lips with filler injections. Lip fillers are a simple and safe treatment that can restore volume, hydration, structure and shape to the lips. The benefits of a professional lip enhancement with filler injections include:

  • immediate results: lip fillers immediately add volume and hydration;
  • improvement in shape and symmetry: personalised lip filler injections can improve natural lip asymmetry, and help to define the cupid’s bow along the top lip vermilion border;
  • add volume and fullness: great for smaller lips, or those that have lost volume and become wrinkled with age;
  • long lasting results: new research shows that lip fillers may last a lot longer than previously thought. While the companies that make filler tell us to expect results lasting from 6-12 months, more and more we are seeing lip fillers last years.

Perfect your pout with expert lip fillers done by a doctor

Choose an expert you can trust when it comes to enhancing your lips with filler injections. Dr. Aaron has years of experience in performing lip injections and has locations in Sydney. With lip injections, you can improve the shape, size, symmetry and texture of your lips, while still looking natural. The key is to use the right filler and inject it in the right way.

Natural lip fillers for definition and volume

Natural lip fillers have never been more popular. If you want to enhance your lips, but don’t want to look fake, it is important to choose a trusted lip filler expert. It is normal to be nervous when you first consider lip injections, everyone always is. When you look in the mirror after the initial swelling has settled, you will see a gentle plump, smoother texture, and improved shape and definition, while still looking natural. A good lip filler treatment should be undetectable to others, but still, give you a nice result.

What types of lip fillers are there?

All lip fillers are made of carbohydrate found naturally in the body. The carbohydrate found in different body tissues is called hyaluronic acid. A synthetic version of this carbohydrate is produced in a lab in gel form. this gel is what is used in lip fillers. Lip fillers give immediate and reversible results. Amongst dermal fillers, each unique type has its own characteristics. Thickness is just one characteristic of dermal filler and overly simplifies how dermal fillers work. Other properties of dermal fillers are their elasticity, hygroscopicity (how much water the product can hold), lifting capacity, cross-linking (or entanglement), and concentration. Different combinations of the above properties give different types of fillers. Each type will behave slightly differently on the lips. The secret to choosing the right lip filler for you is to match the right filler to your own natural lip tissue, as well as ensuring that the product can meet your goals. If the wrong product is selected, then you either will not see a result (unless very large quantities are used), or the lip fillers have a higher chance of becoming lumpy or migrating. An expert in lip fillers will be able to guide you on which filler is the right one to augment your lips. When you use the right filler for lip enhancement, the results can be natural and elegant.

Book your lip filler injections in Sydney with Dr. Aaron

Dr. Aaron has years of experience in lip injections with all different types of filler. Experience matters when it comes to cosmetic injectables. Ensure that you trust in the practitioner injecting your lips to ensure the procedure is done safely, and that you have the highest chance of getting a great result from your fillers.

Treat yourself to gold standard lip fillers in Sydney with premium fillers

Choose the best when it comes to lip fillers. An individualised approach will ensure you get nothing but the best results.

Dr. Aaron performs comprehensive consultations to determine the best type of filler that is matched to your lip tissue and treatment goals.

With only the best types of premium lip filler available, you can ensure that your lip augmentation is performed with the dermal filler most suited to your lips.

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Lip filler prices

Comprehensive consultation

*Your consultation fee is redeemable against the cost of treatment performed during your appointment.


Lip filler

Expertly performed lip injections uses premium TGA approved dermal fillers that match your lip tissue and treatment goals and are $700 per treatment.


Russian lips

Give your lips that on-trend Russian doll look with expertly injected, premium Russian lip fillers.


Follow-up appointment

All treatments performed by Dr. Aaron come with the option of complimentary follow-up to review your results.


Creating the perfect pout

How to get great results from lip fillers Sydney

Sculpting the perfect set of lips takes an in depth understanding of facial anatomy and an appreciation for the different types of dermal filler. Ensure that you are in expert hands when it comes to enhancing your lips with dermal fillers.

The six steps for perfect, personalised lips

  • vertical height;
  • forward projection;
  • top to bottom ratio;
  • width;
  • proportion with the lower face;
  • type of lip filler.
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Lip filler comparison

Russian Lips in Sydney

Russian lip filler injections for desirable, defined lips

Russian lip injections use vertically injected threads of lip filler to improve lip height and definition without adding too much projection. This can give you dreamy, full and defined lips that don’t look overdone.

Why choose Russian lips?

  • define the Cupid’s bow
  • add vertical height to the top and bottom lips
  • avoid overly projected lips

Am I a candidate for the Russian lip technique in Sydney?

Russian lip injections are ideal for those looking to improve the height and definition of their lips, without significantly increasing projection from the side profile. It is more suitable for those who have minimal or no filler currently in their lips, as residual filler from previous treatment may prevent the Russian lip injection technique from lifting the lips. Some types of lips are not ideal for the Russian lip filler approach.

Those who lack volume in the lips may need a staged approach to their Russian lip treatment.

Russian lips can be combined with other treatments to give you your dream pout.

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Personalised lip enhancement with filler

The truth about lip filler that most clinics don’t want you to know

Did you know that the most common things many cosmetic clinics discuss when it comes to lip fillers are misleading and do not help you achieve the best results?

Lip filler volumes – half a ml vs. a full ml.

What if you knew that it is not often that someone will actually need exactly either amount? The quantity of dermal filler required for a personalised lip enhancement can be extremely variable and will depend on the size of your natural lips, your lip tissue type, the type of filler used, and how you would like your lips to look. Advertising lip fillers based on these quantities is a clever marketing tactic that is definitely not putting you first. Dermal filler generally comes in a 1ml syringe – if you purchase ‘half a ml’, are you getting the first half of a syringe, or the leftover filler of someone else’s syringe? Don’t fall for opportunistic marketing.

Lip filler types – thickness.

Be careful of clinics advertising lip fillers based on ‘thickness’. This puts the onus on you to choose the correct type of filler. The injector should be the one recommending the type of lip filler based on your goals, and more importantly, based on your lip tissue type. Using the wrong type of filler for the lip tissue will either cause you to see minimal change, or increase the risk of lip filler lumps.

Lip filler longevity – how long will it last?

Tempted to go back for your 6 monthly top-up? Think carefully before you do. New research shows us that lip fillers can last many years longer than previously thought. Having lip fillers too often almost always leads to migration which will give you duck lips so gradually you won’t even realise it’s happened. The best way to know if you need further lip fillers is to look at and feel your lips for any filler. Still not sure? Ask an injector you trust if it is the right time for a lip filler top-up.

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Lip Enhancement

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers (lip augmentation, lip enhancement or lip injections) is a procedure where dermal fillers are injected into the lips with the goal of improving the size, shape, definition or hydration. Depending on the technique and the type of dermal fillers used, lips can be augmented in the following ways:

  • added definition to the lip borders (Vermillion border) and Cupid’s bow;
  • increase plumpness and volume, and improve texture;
  • turning the lips out to give more of a pout.
Is lip filler right for me?
If you feel your lips lack definition, are too small for your face, thin out when you smile, or are changing as you get older, then lip injections with dermal fillers may be the perfect treatment for you.


Is lip filler painful?

Lip fillers have minimal discomfort when done properly. Improper technique can make the procedure uncomfortable and increase the risk of bruising and swelling. For those concerned about pain, Dr. Aaron offers a number of anaesthetic options to ensure that your procedure is comfortable.

How much lip filler do most people need?

Generally, most people need just under 1ml for their lip augmentation. For more dramatic results, treatments should be spaced by 1-2 months to avoid damage to the lip tissue.

What is the difference with Russian lips?

Russian lips are a popular treatment in Sydney and are performed by injecting dermal fillers vertically into the lips rather than horizontally with the goal of adding height to the lips. When done correctly, your lips can have more vertical height and a more defined Cupid’s bow. Care must be taken when performing the Russian lip filler technique, as these injections have a higher rate of lip filler lumps. It is therefore important to see an experienced Russian lip filler expert for your lip injections.


Are lip fillers safe?

Lip injections with dermal filler are low risk. The most common side effect is mild bruising and swelling which resolve over a few days.

What are the side effects of lip fillers?

The main side effects of lip fillers are bruising and swelling, which settle over a few days. Occasionally, some people may notice small lumps in the treated area. These can be prevented by massaging your lips morning and night for a few days after your lip injections.


How long do lip fillers last?

The results of your lip fillers can last 1-2 years for most people. It is not uncommon for lip fillers to last many years.

Will I have lumps after lip fillers?

Lip filler lumps are uncommon and can be prevented by massaging your lips twice a day for the first few days after your treatment. If they do occur, they are very easy to address in a clinic.

Do all lip fillers look fake?

Expertly injected lip fillers should never look fake. Using the wrong type of filler, too much lip filler, or the wrong technique can distort the natural lip shape, leading to an overfilled, duck appearance.

How often do I need a lip filler top up?

There is no set time frame within which to perform a top-up treatment. Lip fillers can last over 1-2 years, and treating them too often can increase the risk of migration and a loss of definition. When deciding if you want a top-up treatment, you should both look at and feel your lips for signs that filler is still there. You can also compare your lips to an old photo to see if the effect is wearing off. If you are unsure if you are due for a top-up treatment, then a consultation with your injector can help determine if it is time for another lip filler procedure.

Why Choose Dr. Aaron?

By booking with Dr. Aaron, you will be treated by one of Australia’s leading dedicated anti ageing & cosmetic doctors. Feel confident knowing that your treatment will use only the highest quality products and equipment, and only the safest and most proven techniques. Dr. Aaron’s thousands of satisfied patients speaks for itself.

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Every treatment performed by Dr. Aaron comes with the following:

  • a comprehensive consultation to discuss your concerns in detail;
  • a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve your goals;
  • treatments performed with the utmost respect for your safety and wellbeing, with a results driven approach;
  • the use of only the highest quality products and equipment;
  • a complimentary follow up appointment to review your results if desired.

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