Facial feminisation injections are great way to define, contour and soften your features, making your face appear more feminine. By injecting dermal filler in certain areas of the face, your can have more contoured cheeks, plumper lips, a more delicate nose, a more tapered jawline and chin, and a slimmer and softer face.

The most popular treatments that can feminise the face include:

  • cheeks: to give them more contour and definition, and a gentle feminine curve;
  • lips: to add volume and definition;
  • nose: to give it a gentle slope and lifted tip;
  • chin and jawline: to add definition;
  • facial slimming: to taper the lower face in a feminine way;
  • eyebrow: to lift the tail, making it appear more angular and peaked.

What is facial feminisation?

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Facial feminisation fillers in Sydney

What if you could improve the contours and shape of your face, making you look softer, more defined and more feminine? Using dermal fillers and other cosmetic injectables, you can reshape your facial features to give you a more feminine look. Facial feminisation with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections is simple. Different areas of the face can be treated, depending on your particular concerns, and the results can be tailored to you. By carefully injecting dermal fillers to the cheeks, nose, lips, chin or jawline, and possibly using facial slimming, you can give your face a more delicate and feminine shape, enhance your side profile, and improve your overall appearance without looking like a different person. Dermal filler for facial feminisation is a very popular treatment that provides a safe and effective way to improve your appearance with no downtime, in less than 20 minutes. After your facial feminisation treatment with injectables, you can get back to your day immediately. You’ll see instant results, and be feeling more confident in no time.

What is involved in a facial feminisation treatment?

Facial feminisation is a simple and safe treatment. Depending on your face, and your concerns and goals, difference areas may be treated. Generally, a combination of dermal fillers and anti wrinkle treatment may be used. Each treatment type only takes a few minutes, and has no downtime. Occasionally there may be some bruising, but you can return to your normal activity almost immediately. Results can be long lasting, and the results can either be subtle, or more pronounced depending on your preferences. The most popular areas of the face to use cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers for a feminine appearance are:

  • forehead;
  • nose;
  • lips;
  • chin and jawline;
  • cheekbones;
  • the bite muscles (also known as jawline or facial slimming – done with anti wrinkle injections).

Other areas of the face can also be treated, such as the temples, under eyes, and brow.

How much does facial feminisation with fillers cost in Sydney?

Facial feminisation injections with both dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatment have an average price of $2700. The total cost of dermal fillers to make your face more feminine will depend on which areas of the face are treated, and how extensive your facial feminisation treatment is.

How dermal fillers can make you look more feminine

A feminine face has specific features that give it a softer and more contoured appearance. The common characteristics that make a face appear feminine include a more curved, delicate and soft appearance, with gentle transitions between the features. Compared to a masculine face, a feminine face generally has:

  • a peaked eyebrow;
  • a gentle convex forehead curve;
  • a slim nose with a gentle slope and lifted tip;
  • fuller lips;
  • higher cheekbones, and a fuller, more curved cheek apex (the point of maximal projection);
  • a slimmer lower face from the front view;
  • a more curved jawline angle;
  • a narrower chin.

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Facial feminisation prices

The cost of your facial feminisation is determined by the extent of your treatment.

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Facial feminisation with dermal fillers

Expertly injected dermal fillers for facial feminisation have an average price of $3000.

From $2150

Facial slimming injections

Expertly performed facial slimming to achieve a feminine lower face has an average price of $900.

From $650

Follow-up appointment

All treatments performed by Dr. Aaron come with the option of complimentary follow-up to review your results.


Achieve a delicate and feminine look

The seven features that make your face feminine

A feminine face is perceived through a combination of specific features. As a whole, these features give the face a soft, curved and delicate appearance.

What makes a face look feminine:

  • a curved forehead that transitions smoothly into the brow;
  • arched eyebrows that sit relatively higher than those on a masculine face;
  • rounder and less deeply-set eyes;
  • a narrow, short and curved nose with soft transitions to the forehead and upper lip;
  • round, full cheeks with a high apex and curved shape;
  • full lips with a short distance between the base of the nose and vermillion border (red border) of the upper lip;
  • a slim jawline that is curved in shape, tapering to a soft and round chin.
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The science behind the art

How to feminise the face with fillers?

Feminising the face with cosmetic injectables has never been easier. Using the right combination of dermal fillers and muscle relaxing (anti wrinkle) injections, you can quickly and safely feminise your face without any downtime.

Treatments to feminise the face:

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Facial feminisation

Using dermal fillers to contour the cheeks and chin, giving the face a more heart-shaped appearance.

Understanding your treatment

The most popular areas dermal fillers are used to feminise the face

The most popular cosmetic injectable treatments used to feminise the face are tried and tested, consistently achieving graceful and elegant results. While many non-surgical treatments can work to feminise the face, a select few treatments are the most popular.

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Popular facial feminisation treatments:

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is facial feminisation with fillers?

Feminisation of the face with dermal filler injections is a safe, simple and no downtime treatment that gives the face a more feminine appearance. Injecting dermal fillers to specific areas of the face allows it to be reshaped, giving the features a softer, more curvy appearance. Typically, feminine features are softer, more delicate, curved and tapered compared to masculine features.

What are the most common cosmetic treatments used to feminise the face?

Feminising the face with dermal fillers can be achieved by augmenting a number of different features. The most common areas that are treated with cosmetic injectables to make a face appear more feminine are:

  • the forehead, giving it a soft convex curve;
  • the nose, to slim and disguise any bumps or humps;
  • the cheeks, to give a full and contoured look;
  • the chin, to taper the lower face;
  • the bite muscle, slimming the lower face and jawline, giving it a more tapered appearance.

A comprehensive facial feminisation treatment will generally involve treatment of one or more of the above areas.

How much does facial feminisation with fillers cost?

Facial feminisation injections have an average price of $2700. The total cost of a facial feminisation treatment will depend on the areas of the face that are injected, how much product is required, and the extent of the treatment required to achieve your cosmetic goals.

How many mls of filler will I need to feminise the face?

Most people need at least 4mls of dermal filler to see a noticeable change in facial feminisation treatments. If you would like a more pronounced result, then higher volumes may be required. Feminising the shape of your lower face may need a combination of dermal fillers and facial slimming injections to the jawline bite muscle (known as the masseter).

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  • a complimentary follow up appointment to review your results if desired.

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